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Doctors are needed by all as they try to help sick people and save their lives even when they are in very severe conditions. During emergencies where one is injured and requires quick medical attention the medics usually use ambulances and other means to transport them to hospital. The patient is given some first aid and treatment while being transported and their vitals taken to be forwarded to the waiting team. This needs to be quick and efficient as it might determine whether the patient will be saved. The medics can use software designed to improve the collection and analysis of data and to avail it to the necessary departments.

The software operates using the internet for connection which allows for other medics to access the data from wherever they are. The software is designed to be compatible with various devices such as smartphones and tablets and also computers. It is also possible to enter the data without an internet connection and when the connection is back the data is synchronized to the servers. Through this software time is saved and this is important in increasing chances of a patient being saved by the team. The process of taking a patient’s vitals is made more faster through the software unlike previously where it was done manually.

A connection is established between the response team and the team at the hospital through which important information is shared. Medics enter vitals which are uploaded on real time making it real fast and time saving for the parties involved. Doctors are given time to examine the vitals sent to them and make proper arrangements to help the patient upon arrival. Patient charts based on their vitals can be drawn much more quickly with the help of such software that when done manually. The servers act as storage units where all patient data is stored and can be retrieved at some other time when needed.

The software makes the emergency room have order through giving all necessary information and schedules for the doctors. For a doctor to do a quicker job they ate given all the details they require about a patient from a monitor in the emergency room. Personal data of a patient is taken and other details like time of arrival and the room assigned to the patient for doctors to find them much quickly. For easier operations the software has a simple and responsive interface that is easy to use and understand. The software can be customized to make its use even easier.

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